by keepingmyselfanonymous

It’s not like I’m a hermit.  I go out to social events, and can kibbitz with the best of them.  I can be social at a party where I don’t know anyone.  But the challenge is that no-one gets to know me after, because, as I said my therapist said, my natural personality is not the type most people are going to like.  It’s not like I’m hateful or anything–about the only thing I hate is hate.  I just have an “intense” personality.  I have a lot of drive and energy.  I have no clue how to be easygoing, and my therapist says I’m not going to turn into an easygoing person.  People don’t like energetic people, so I’m told.
On another note:

Things I’m grateful for:

*I’m not homeless.  (There was a woman in the library earlier talking on the phone about being homeless, so that’s on my mind.)

*I have food at home.

*I am doing well in school.

*I have a computer and sometimes have internet access.

*I have accomplished a lot of good things and have come far–regardless of whether there is anyone to share the joy.

*Even if I have no close friends, I have a lot of acquaintances, and they help to make life more bearable.