by keepingmyselfanonymous

I’m having to learn that there is one standard for me and another standard for everyone else.  When others speak and say something I disagree with, I keep silent so that I can respect their rights of speech and belief, and so that I do not upset them.  But when I speak, others are free to lambast me regardless of how much I desperately plead just to let me say one thing in peace that’s on my heart.

If I say something racist/sexist/etc, people call me out on it. I apologise and then I examine what I did, and then change my actions and behaviours and beliefs.  If I call them out for doing the same–because I want to protect all people, because all people are equal and hate is destroying the world–then I am lambasted for keeping them from saying whatever they want.

I’m having to come to terms with the fact that there is one set of standards for me and another set of standards for everyone else.  Somehow I have to learn to accept this.